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Old Rolls-Royce cars at Kedleston Hall

While we were visiting Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, eleven Rolls-Royce cars arrived, most of them manufactured pre-1940. It was a stopping point for a tour by members of the Irish Georgian Society and the Rolls-Royce 20-Ghost Club. The 20-Ghost Club was inaugurated on the 26th May 1949 by a group of owners dedicated to the preservation of pre-1940 Rolls-Royce motor cars, which they were concerned were in danger of being lost. The name of the Club was taken from the cars which these founders owned, the legendary 40/50 HP Silver Ghost and its smaller counterpart, the 20 HP model.

Watch the video:

Recorded on 13 May 2022 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera.