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Canary Islands

  • Canary Islands – fire dancing girl on a beach
    A fire dancer displays her skill with fire fans and a fire hoop. She is a street performer on the beach at Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, The Canary Islands. Watch the video: The following stills are from the above video: Camera: Sony RX100 V filming in 4k.
  • La Gomera, Canary Islands – Highlights
    La Gomera in the Canary Islands is still relatively unspoiled by tourism. Most visitors arrive by ferry from Tenerife or La Palma. The mountainous middle of the island has a cloudy and foggy climate with forest trees hung with moss. We were based in the Valle Gran Rey in the sunny south of the island. … Keep reading
  • La Palma Canary Islands – Cumbrecita Forest Walk
    A walk at Cumbrecita to a great viewpoint. The Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente is in a bowl formed by volcanic action millions of years ago. The bowl is 8km wide, carpeted with thick Canary pine forest and surrounded on all sides by imposing rock walls. The forest walk takes us to the … Keep reading
  • La Palma Canary Islands – Los Tilos canal walk
    A walk beside an irrigation canal to a misty waterfall. The Los Tilos rainforest is an adventure playground of cool, moist laurel forest. Within minutes of leaving the car park you can be stooping through damp tunnels or clambering up to waterfalls. The sub-tropical forest is nestled between colossal mountains and has thrived for twenty … Keep reading
  • La Palma Canary Islands, Roque de los Muchachos Observatory
    The Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory is at the top of a volcano above a sea of clouds. We explore the craggy and precipitous footpath that runs around the volcano rim. On the way we glimpse some of the fourteen telescopes from various countries. Roque de Los Muchachos was chosen as an observatory site because … Keep reading
  • La Palma Canary Islands, the road to the observatory
    The drive to the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory is not for the faint of heart and travellers should expect a few bends and hairpin turns on the way. Even so, the stunning landscape views from the road are compensation enough. Lucky for us we had an excellent coach driver to get us there safely. … Keep reading
  • Lanzarote Cactus Garden (Jardín de Cactus)
    The video and photographs take you on a tour of the Jardín de Cactus with around ten thousand specimens of cactus, and around four hundred species. They were sourced from all over the world, with a particular focus on plants from the Americas. The garden was created in 1991, the last project of the artist … Keep reading
  • Lanzarote highlights
    We visited Lanzarote in September 2017 and stayed in Puerto Calero. Among the other places featured in the video are Puerto del Carmen, Arrecife, Playa Blanca, La Santa, Orzola and La Graciosa. The following stills are from the video. Camera – Sony RX100 V. The video was shot in 4k and rendered in 2k for … Keep reading
  • Lanzarote, Playa Blanca Market
    The video and photographs take you on a tour of the popular street market on Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. It hosts a market there on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They sell all kinds of artisan and locally produced items. Nestled in between the trendy shops and a wide assortment of cafés and bars, the … Keep reading
  • Lanzarote, Playa Blanca Seafront Walk
    The video and photographs take you on a walk starting near Playa Blanca port and going along the promenade as far as the Restaurant Playa Dorada where we turned round and walked back to the port. There are 3 shots of the outward journey and then most of the return journey. Playa Blanca is the … Keep reading
  • Tenerife Canary Islands – Mount Teide
    This excursion take us to breathtaking scenery above the clouds. At the Teide National Park visitor’s centre we see information about the volcanos and local wildlife. Then we go on to explore the volcanic landscape. If the Mount Teide volcano is measured from the ocean floor, it is at 7,500 meters (24,600 ft) the highest … Keep reading
  • Tenerife, Santa Cruz, Canary Islands walk
    A walk from the tranquil Parque García Sanabria to the noisy harbour, admiring some of the beautiful flowers and trees on the way. The Parque García Sanabria is the largest urban park in the Canary Islands. The park’s floral clock was manufactured in Switzerland by Favag. Watch the video: The following stills are from the … Keep reading
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands – Costa Adeje Palace Hotel
    We look at the pool area of the Costa Adeje Palace and then take a stroll along the promenade. Later, the rock cascades in hotel gardens look particularly beautiful in the golden hour. Then we head to a vantage point near the beach to watch the sunset across the sea. Watch the video: The following … Keep reading
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands – La Caleta
    La Caleta was a quiet fishing village that is gradually growing into a thriving tourist resort. It is in the Costa Adeje area of Tenerife. There are a few small bars and restaurants around the rocky bay. There is a small beach and areas of flat rocks. Watch the video: The following stills are from … Keep reading


  • Famagusta, Cyprus, the Ancient Ruins of Salamis
    The remains of the city of Salamis are on the east coast of Cyprus north of modern Famagusta. In 1100 BC it was the capital of Cyprus. Salamis survived the successive occupations of the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and Romans but eventually succumbed to the forces of nature. The site extends over an area of one … Keep reading
  • Famagusta, St Barnabas Monastery in North Cyprus
    St. Barnabas Monastery is dedicated to the patron saint of Cyprus, St. Barnabas. The church is now an icon museum housing a stunning collection of Cypriot artefacts dating back as far as the 7th Century BC. Near the monastery there is a small mausoleum built on the spot where the saint’s remains were discovered. There … Keep reading
  • Limassol Old Town, Cyprus
    We visited a shop that specializes in things from under the sea such as sponges and shells. Then we visit the Carob Mill museum displaying industrial equipment used in the process of converting carob beans into products. Then we walk through the streets of old centre of Limassol to Ayia Napa Church. Watch the video: … Keep reading
  • Paphos, Cyprus – promenade walk from Cypria Bay Hotel
    Our walk starts on the promenade outside the Cypria Bay Hotel and finishes outside the Alexander The Great Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. Hotels we pass on the way: Cypria Maris, Ledra Beach, Athena Beach, Athena Royal Beach, Louis Imperial Beach, Olympic Lagoon Paphos, Amphora and Amavi. Watch the video: Some stills from the video. Filmed … Keep reading

Danube river cruise

  • “A Carriage with Clowns” (Caruta cu Paiate) sculpture – Bucharest, Romania
    A bronze sculpture by Ioan Bolborea in front of the National Theater of Bucharest, Romania. It was created in honor of Romania’s favorite playwright, Ion Luca Caragiale. It was unveiled in December 2010. The tableau comprises of twelve figures on a railway carriage base plus a couple of figures floating above. Watch the video: Filmed … Keep reading
  • A stroll around Rousse, Bulgaria city center
    Our walk starts near the Rousse State Opera House. We stroll along the tree–lined avenue Sveta Troitza to the Monument of Liberty and surrounding gardens. We pass the drama theatre ‘Sava Ognyanov’ and pause to admire the fountains near the Sweet Centrum. Then we return along the avenue Sveta Troitza. Rousse is sometimes written ‘Ruse’ … Keep reading
  • Boat ride on the Danube Delta
    Our boat travells through Europe’s second-largest delta through a series of channels and lakes that cannot be reached by larger boats. We were lucky to be the lead boat in a flotilla of ten boats, giving us an excellent view of the delta channels. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve has a wild landscape and diversity of … Keep reading
  • Budapest from the River Danube by night
    The majestic floodlit buildings of Budapest are seen from a river cruise ship on the Danube. This was the first night on our “Contrasts of the Danube” river cruise going from Budapest in Hungary, to the Danube Delta. We pass the Parliament Building, the Chain Bridge, the Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bridge and the Gresham Palace and … Keep reading
  • Exploring the Amadeus Royal river cruise ship
    MS Amadeus Royal is seen here on the River Danube. Our tour takes us through the Panorama lounge and bar. It is breakfast time in the Panorama Restaurant on the Mozart Deck. Then up to the Sun Deck with its deck chairs and a giant chessboard. The ship was built in 2005 and is 361 … Keep reading
  • Hungarian horse show at Bakod Puszta farm
    The horses and Magyar cowboys perform at a show on a ranch near Kalocsa, Hungary. In spite of the rain and a muddy arena, they performed with enthusiasm. The highlight of the performance was a rider with a team of eight horses. He stood upright on the back two horses and guided the horses with … Keep reading
  • Museum of Beekeeping and Wine Cellar Zivanovic, Novi Sad, Serbia
    We visited the museum at Sremski Karlovci as part of a guided tour of Novi Sad. The Museum of Beekeeping is dedicated to Professor Jovan Živanović (1841-1916), who is considered the Father of modern Serbian beekeeping. He also established the family tradition of making the finest wines in Sremski Karlovci, which were sometimes served to … Keep reading
  • Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo in Bulgaria
    A group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries are hewn out of solid rock, located near the village of Ivanovo, 20 km south of Rousse, inside Rusenski Lom Nature Park. The caves in the region were inhabited by monks from the 1220s to the 17th century, where they hewed cells, churches and chapels out of … Keep reading
  • The Golden Crypt of the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade
    The Church of Saint Sava is a Serbian Orthodox church located on the Vračar plateau in Belgrade, Serbia. It is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox church buildings and ranks among the largest church buildings in the world. Watch the video: Some stills from the video. Filmed June 2019 with a DJI Osmo Pocket camera. … Keep reading
  • The Iron Gates and Djerdap Locks on the River Danube
    Cruise along a particularly scenic stretch of the river, as the Danube passes through the southern stretches of the dramatic Carpathian mountains and the foothills of the Balkans to the ‘Iron Gates’, a gorge formed by sheer cliffs. The passage was infamous in ancient times as the water level was much lower, making navigation treacherous. … Keep reading
  • Water fountains in Unirii Square, Bucharest – a relaxation video
    The fountains facing the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania, cover an area of 1.4 kilometers. The fountains have recently been refurbished at the cost of millions of euros. There were protests by the locals that the money would have been better spent on health care. However, the fountains are a huge tourist attraction with the … Keep reading


  • Autumn Woodland – relaxation video
    Sunlight filters through the trees, as the leaves take on their autumn colours in St. Julians Wood, St. Albans. Relax to the music of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Watch the video: Some stills from the video. St. Julians Wood is ancient semi-natural natural woodland with areas of neglected coppiced hornbeam, beech, pedunculate oak, ash, cherry, … Keep reading
  • Beer – a picture-perfect postcard village in Devon
    Nestled along the beautiful Jurassic Coast is the picture-perfect village of Beer. The village forms part of England’s first natural World Heritage site and is most notable for its beach, which is popular among holidaymakers, residents, and fishermen. Watch the video: Recorded on 17 November 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. The village faces … Keep reading
  • Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire
    Blenheim Palace is a country house in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. It is the seat of the Dukes of Marlborough and the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. The palace is notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill. Watch the video: Recorded on 22 July … Keep reading
  • Bressingham Gardens, Norfolk – Foggy Bottom
    The Foggy Bottom Garden was created by Adrian Bloom after he joined the family business in 1962. He wanted to create a garden with planting for year-round colour, using primarily conifers and heathers. He was able to gradually develop a six-acre garden on the site of an empty meadow. Over 500 different conifers and 100 … Keep reading
  • Bressingham Gardens, Norfolk – The Carousel
    The three-abreast Gallopers are Bressingham’s centerpiece. It is said to be one of the finest to be seen anywhere. Built by Savages of Kings Lynn in 1897 and owned and operated by the Thurston family of Norfolk until 1934, the Gallopers later operated at Whitley Bay and ended up in Scotland before finding a home … Keep reading
  • Broughton Castle, home of Lord and Lady Saye & Sele
    Broughton Castle is a medieval fortified manor house in the village of Broughton, which is near Banbury in Oxfordshire, England. It is the home of the Fiennes family, Barons Saye, and Sele. The ownership of the castle has remained in the same family since 1447. The gardens are open to the public on various days … Keep reading
  • Cricket St Thomas Hotel Gardens in April
    This Somerset hotel’s beautiful and extensive gardens and lakes are Grade II listed. In 2010 documents from 1895 and 1919 were used to reinstate these lovely grounds to their original design. The Grotto Water Garden is particularly lovely and was designed by Kate Gould who won a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show for … Keep reading
  • DJI Pocket 1 and Pocket 2 side by side
    The cameras were held next to each other. Both cameras were on auto for all settings. Both set to standard colour, with no grading in editing. The sound is from the Pocket 2 built-in microphone. I was walking normally – no attempt at a ninja walk. The wide-angle lens was added to the Pocket 2 … Keep reading
  • Dunster Castle and Medieval Village
    Dunster, in Somerset, is one of England’s most beautiful and fascinating medieval villages, with a castle perched high on a wooded hill. At the top of the High Street is an iconic octagonal building called The Yarn Market. It was once the hub of the thriving wool trade in Exmoor. Nearby are shops offering handmade … Keep reading
  • Exeter Quayside on a sunny morning
    We stroll around Exeter’s historic quayside. Along the quay is an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars where you can enjoy good food, people watch and soak up the lovely atmosphere. An unusual hand-powered ferry takes foot passengers across the river. Near the ferry is a blacksmith shop selling garden ornaments made on … Keep reading
  • Godshill Model Village Isle of Wight
    The Model Village is situated on the High Street in Godshill, on the grounds of the Old Vicarage. It depicts the Godshill village as it was in the 1950s. It includes a great miniature railway in G scale. Watch the video: This video of our visit to Godshill Model Village, Isle of Wight was recorded … Keep reading
  • Henry Moore Studios & Gardens in Hertfordshire
    We explore Henry Moore’s iconic sculptures in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside at the artist’s former home, studios, and sculpture gardens. Henry Spencer Moore (1898-1986) was one of the most important British artists of the twentieth century and arguably the most internationally celebrated sculptor of the period. He is renowned for his semi-abstract monumental bronzes, which … Keep reading
  • Hitchwood Trail , Hertfordshire, bluebell walk
    In April and May every year, tiny bluebells begin to scatter themselves across woodland floors all over Hertfordshire. We visit Hitch Wood near Hitchin where blankets of bluebells surround the trail. The trail starts at the car park on the B651 south of Hitchin (OS Map Reference TL198239). Watch the video: Recorded on 26 April … Keep reading
  • Leeds Castle in Kent, the French style interior
    Leeds Castle is built on islands in a lake formed by the River Len to the east of the village of Leeds, near Maidstone in Kent, England. A castle has existed on the site since 857. The last owner of Leeds Castle was the indomitable Lady Baillie who bought the castle in 1926 and employed … Keep reading
  • Meldon reservoir
    Meldon dam, built in 1972 was the last dam to be constructed on Dartmoor. It is near the town of Okehampton in Devon, England. It started to rain at the begining of our walk but brightened up as the morning went on. Watch the video: The following stills are from the above video. Camera: DJI … Keep reading
  • Moggerhanger Park Snowdrop Walk
    We visit Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire and stroll through the flower carpeted woodland during their incredibly popular Snowdrop Walk season. Entry to the Park and parking are free. Dogs on a lead are welcome. Visitors can enjoy a coffee, cake or light lunch in the Garden Rooms Cafe before taking a stroll through the Snowdrops. Watch … Keep reading
  • Old Rolls-Royce cars at Kedleston Hall
    While we were visiting Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, eleven Rolls-Royce cars arrived, most of them manufactured pre-1940. It was a stopping point for a tour by members of the Irish Georgian Society and the Rolls-Royce 20-Ghost Club. The 20-Ghost Club was inaugurated on the 26th May 1949 by a group of owners dedicated to the … Keep reading
  • Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary
    The Donkey Sanctuary provides sanctuary to donkeys who have been neglected, abused, and abandoned. Donkeys today come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and coat texture. Many different colours, sizes and shapes of donkeys can be seen as we walk around The Donkey Sanctuary. Watch the video: Recorded on 17 November 2021 with a DJI Pocket … Keep reading
  • St Albans – Greenwood Park at bluebell time
    The dappled sunlight filters through the trees to highlight the carpet of bluebells. The sound track is birdsong recorded with the video and gentle guitar music. The following stills are from the video. Filmed at Greenwood Park, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK on 10 May 2018. Camera: Sony RX100 V.
  • St Albans – Verulamium Park on a frosty morning
    We walk a circuit of the lake in Verulamium Park, St Albans on a clear frosty morning. Swans, geese, and ducks swim on the partially frozen water. Whilst on the footpath dog walkers, Nordic walkers, and pram pushers enjoy the winter sunshine. The 360 video allows you to choose the direction you want to view. … Keep reading
  • St Albans – walking around on a Sunday morning
    We visited St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK on a sunny Sunday morning in late February. Our walk starts half way up Holywell Hill where we turn into Sumpter Yard and pass the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban. We head towards Market Place, pass The Clock Tower and along the main shopping area in St … Keep reading
  • Stratford-upon-Avon riverside walk
    On a sunny Saturday morning, visitors are enjoying the River Avon with its pleasure boats, and swans. We pass gaily decorated barges on the canal and then walk through a craft market. Some stills from the video. Filmed with a DJI Osmo Pocket camera at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK on 29 August 2020. See my camera … Keep reading
  • The Weald and Downland Living Museum
    This is a museum for those who want to see, touch and even smell what life was really like for people living in years gone by. The historic buildings on this 40-acre site have been rescued from elsewhere and reconstructed at the museum. It is also the home of BBC TV’s The Repair Shop series. … Keep reading
  • Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire, Warner Hotels
    Thoresby Hall has been in the Warner group for 20 years. It is one of Nottinghamshire’s most important houses where Thoresby’s original features are still enjoyed by Warner’s guests today. There are deep armchairs in the vaulted splendour of the Great Hall, and the house’s broad terrace overlooks a croquet lawn and acres of classic … Keep reading


  • Cais da Ribeira Waterfront, Porto, Portugal
    The Cais da Ribeira is the name of the road along the northern riverbank of the River Douro in Porto, a coastal city in northwest Portugal. Our walk starts near Ribeira square and heads towards the Luis I wrought iron bridge. This area is very popular with tourists and locals who can enjoy a drink … Keep reading
  • José Maria da Fonseca Winery – Azulejos de Azeitao Tiles Tour Day 3
    The video and photographs take you on a visit to the José Maria da Fonseca Winery in the town of Azeitão. Then we go to the Azulejos de Azeitao tile factory, where they produce hand-painted tiles. This was day three of our “Undiscovered Portugal – Lisbon to the Algarve” touring holiday organised by Titan Travel. … Keep reading
  • Land of Ice and Fire – a tour of Iceland in 133 photographs
    If you are thinking of visiting Iceland this slideshow will give you an overview of what you might see. In June 2017 we flew into Reykjavik, Iceland and then did a ten day circuit of the country on a tour organized by Saga UK. Places shown in the video in order of appearance are: Laxa … Keep reading
  • The cascades at Krka National Park, Croatia
    Krka National Park is situated along the Krka River in southern Croatia. It’s known for a series of 7 waterfalls. We walked from the viewpoint above the cascades to the ferry dock on the river below. The path is a series of boardwalks built above the flowing water. Watch the video: Recorded on 22 September … Keep reading
  • Undiscovered Portugal – Lisbon to the Algarve Tour Day 2 Lisbon
    Our first full day in Lisbon saw us going on a coach tour of the city in the morning and having free time in the afternoon to sightsee in places of our choosing. We decided to explore the streets close to our hotel. This 9-day tour is run by Titan. If you are wondering about … Keep reading


  • A quick walk in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
    A speeded up walk from the Funivia Faloria cable car station along the Via XXIX Maggio and then the Corso Italia to the Parc Hotel Victoria. The following stills are from the video. Camera: GoPro 6.
  • Gardens of Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, Lake Garda, Italy
    Who would have a full-size battleship in their hillside garden? It is one of the amazing sights at Il Vittoriale degli Italiani (in English “The shrine of Italian victories”), in Gardone Riviera, on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy. The large estate was once the home of Italian poet and World War I soldier Gabriele … Keep reading
  • Heller gardens, Lake Garda, Italy
    This amazing garden in Gardone Riviera has plants from around the world blended with contemporary sculptures. The numerous shrubs and small trees are intersected with narrow, winding paths with each turn presenting a different tableau of planting. An area of bamboo plants has steam piped through to create an interesting atmosphere. Watch the video: The … Keep reading
  • Lazise, Lake Garda, Italy
    We stroll from the walled city gate, through the wonderful old town centre, with narrow alleys and picturesque squares, passing the harbour set right in the city centre and the 14th century Veronese customs office. We walk along the lakeside to the marina and then return to the city gate. Watch the video: The following … Keep reading
  • Limone, Lake Garda, Italy
    We arrive at Limone by ferry, disembarking at the little harbour in the heart of the old town. We stroll through the narrow lanes lined with tourist shops that wind along the shore and up the slopes behind. We descend to the wide waterfront promenade where there are cafe terraces to eat and drink while … Keep reading
  • Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy
    We stroll down the cobblestone hill lined with tourist shops selling colourful pottery and other souvenirs. At the foot of the hill, we reach to the bustling lakefront with the coming and going of ferry boats that bring in tourists. An artist paints the picturesque scene and shoppers browse the handbag and pottery shops. Watch … Keep reading
  • Riva del Garda, Lake Garda, Italy
    Riva del Garda is located at the north-western corner of Lake Garda in Italy. We stroll on a circular tour from the harbor, through the picturesque back streets where restaurants set out their tables on the pavement. We pass attractive fountains and lakeside boats on our way back to catch the ferry. Watch the video: … Keep reading
  • Sirmione, Lake Garda, Italy
    Sirmione is a picturesque tourist destination at the end of a peninsula extending into Lake Garda, Italy. In the summer it is packed with tourists ferried in by boat and coach. It is the place to go to eat ice cream, with numerous shops vying with each other for your custom. Watch the video: The … Keep reading

National Trust

  • A la Ronde a sixteen sided house in Devon
    A la Ronde, near Exmouth in Devon, is owned by the National Trust. It was built in 1796 for two spinster cousins, Jane and Mary Parminter. Jane was the daughter of a rich merchant. Following the death of her father, Jane decided to set up home in Devon together with her cousin Mary. They purchased … Keep reading
  • Anglesey Abbey Dahlia Garden 2023
    The video and photographs show you the Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. 60 varieties are planted in blocks of colour, creating a rainbow effect that draws the eyes to the bend in the border and sparks your curiosity. The garden was designed in 1952, and was carefully planned to lead guests through the … Keep reading
  • Anglesey Abbey gardens – National Trust
    Anglesey Abbey consists of colourful flower gardens, extensive parkland with tree-lined avenues, and wooded areas, covering 114 acres. There is a Jacobean-style house and a working watermill. During our visit, the rose garden, dahlia garden, herbaceous garden, and formal garden were full of vibrant colour and delicious scents. Some stills from the video. Filmed with … Keep reading
  • Anglesey Abbey Rose Garden 2023
    The video and photographs take you on a visit to the beautiful rose garden at Anglesey Abbey. The Rose Garden was one of Lord Fairhaven’s first garden projects after purchasing the Anglesey Abbey estate unseen at auction in the 1920s. Lord Fairhaven began the process of transforming the garden into a spectacular seasonal display. It … Keep reading
  • Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean-style house with a spectacular garden
    At the age of 30, the future Lord Fairhaven began to create his first home from a run-down country house and desolate landscape. Wanting to inspire and surprise visitors, he created a spectacular garden with planting for all seasons and a cosy house in which to entertain. Life revolved around horse racing and shooting, and … Keep reading
  • Ascott Manor Gardens in Buckinghamshire
    The extensive gardens at Ascott Manor in Buckinghamshire, are an attractive mix of the formal and natural with specimen trees, shrubs, and beautiful herbaceous borders. The ‘Old English’ manor house is a black and white half-timber building. The property is owned by the National Trust. Some stills from the video. Filmed with a DJI Osmo … Keep reading
  • Ascott National Trust gardens
    Ascott, Wing, Buckinghamshire is a half-timbered house originating from 1606, transformed by the Rothschilds in the late 19th century. The extensive gardens, are an attractive mix of the formal and natural with specimen trees, shrubs and beautiful herbaceous borders. We visited in August 2017. The following stills are from the video. Camera: Sony RX100 V.
  • Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire Bluebell Walk
    Ashridge is one of the best places in the country to see bluebells, with many people returning each year to enjoy the dense carpet of flowers each spring, says the National Trust, who owns the property. Watch the video: The video was recorded on 19 May 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera mounted on … Keep reading
  • Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire bluebells
    Ashridge is one of the best places in the country to see bluebells, with many people returning each year to enjoy the dense carpet of flowers each spring. The area is owned by the National Trust and there is no entry charge. They have two waymarked routes from their Visitor Centre where you can walk … Keep reading
  • Avebury Manor and the prehistoric stone circles
    The video and photographs take you on a visit to Avebury Manor in Wiltshire. A partnership between the National Trust and the BBC transformed the house, creating a hands-on experience that celebrates and reflects the lives of the people who once lived there, from the Tudor times through to the 1930s when Alexander Keiller lived … Keep reading
  • Baddesley Clinton a moated manor house in Warwickshire
    Baddesley Clinton is a moated manor house near the historic town of Warwick in the English county of Warwickshire. The house probably originated in the 13th century, when large areas of the Forest of Arden were cleared for farmland. It is owned by the National Trust. Watch the video: The following stills are from the … Keep reading
  • Basildon Park Christmas decorations 2017
    It looked like Christmas Eve at Basildon Park, Berkshire. The curtains were drawn as if it was evening at the house. There were sumptuous decoration and giant trees throughout the house, all drawing on Lady Iliffe’s French-Mauritian roots. The following stills are from the video. Camera: Sony RX100 V.
  • Belton – a 17th-century country house of treasures
    This National Trust property in Grantham, Lincolnshire is often cited as being the perfect example of an English country house estate. Much of the justification for such a claim lies in the quality, completeness and sheer panache of its aristocratic collections. Watch the video: The following stills are from the above video. Camera: Sony RX100 … Keep reading
  • Beningbrough Hall, North Yorkshire has spectacular herbaceous borders
    The gardens at Beningbrough Hall are experiencing a renaissance. New planting schemes and garden rooms, designed by award-winning designer Andy Sturgeon, enhance the herbaceous borders, walled and American gardens. This National Trust property is at Beningbrough, York, North Yorkshire. Watch the video: This video was recorded on 17 June 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 … Keep reading
  • Blickling Hall Formal Garden
    The Blickling Estate is near Aylsham in Norfolk. The formal garden surrounding Blickling Hall is the result of three centuries of inspired planting. When Phillip Kerr inherited the Blickling Estate in 1930, he set about commissioning the remodeling of the formal garden. Talented garden designer, Norah Lindsay replaced the intricate Victorian layout with four large … Keep reading
  • Canons Ashby an Elizabethan manor house in Northamptonshire
    Canons Ashby House is a Grade I listed Elizabethan manor house located in the village of Canons Ashby, south of the town of Daventry, Northamptonshire. The interior of Canons Ashby House is noted for its Elizabethan wall paintings and its Jacobean plasterwork. It is owned by the National Trust. Watch the video: The following stills … Keep reading
  • Castle Drogo at Rhododendron time
    The magnificent rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom on a beautiful sunny day in May at Castle Drogo. This National Trust property is in Drewsteignton, Devon, England. Watch the video: The video was recorded on 26 May 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera mounted on a Flycam style stabilizer for improved Z-axis smoothing. … Keep reading
  • Castle Drogo, Drewsteignton, Exeter – National Trust
    A dramatic castle overlooking the Teign Gorge, Dartmoor. A conservation project to make it watertight was nearing its end at the time of our visit. It is in the care of the National Trust. It was the first 20th-century property to be adopted by the National Trust. There are some beautiful, well laid out gardens … Keep reading
  • Chartwell: Family home and garden of Sir Winston Churchill
    Churchill is both a celebrated and contested figure, known for his leadership during the Second World War. Chartwell was the much-loved Churchill family home from 1922. It’s hillside gardens reflect Sir Winston’s love of landscape and nature. They include the lakes he created and the kitchen garden. Beyond the gardens, there is an expanse of … Keep reading
  • Chastleton, a Jacobean country house near Moreton-in-Marsh
    Chastleton House in Oxfordshire, was built between 1607 and 1612 by the prosperous wool merchant, Walter Jones, as an impressive statement of his wealth and power. With virtually no intrusion from the 21st century, this fascinating place exudes an informal and timeless atmosphere in a gloriously unspoiled setting. It is in the care of the … Keep reading
  • Chedworth Roman Villa near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire
    The remains of Chedworth Roman Villa are in a beautiful Cotswold valley at Yanworth, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The visitor can view extensive in-situ mosaics, two bath-houses, and a water shrine. There is also a small Victorian museum, displaying finds and objects discovered at the villa. Watch the video: Recorded on Monday 6 March 2023 … Keep reading
  • Christmas at Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House, 2023
    Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House, in Warwickshire, are two-and-a-half miles apart by road. A traditional Christmas is the theme of the moated manor house at Baddesley Clinton. The Christmas trees are fabulous and there is a real log fire in the sitting room. It’s a 1920s Christmas at Packwood house. There is an enormous Christmas … Keep reading
  • Christmas at Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire, 2023
    We visit the 18th-century stately home at Hanbury. The house is decorated for a 1970s / 1980s Christmas, and it is like a trip down memory lane. Toys and games from that era were donated by the staff and volunteers at Hanbury Hall, with old favourites such as Monopoly and Mousetrap. The grand dinning table … Keep reading
  • Christmas at Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire, 2023
    We visit the impressive 17th-century Hall at Wimpole to see the Christmas decorations. Then we go to Wimpole’s Home Farm, where it is feeding time for the pigs. The Great Barn has been decorated for Christmas for the first time this year. Later we get a free viewing of the Christmas light trail at dusk … Keep reading
  • Cliveden on a rainy day in June
    Cliveden has glorious gardens and woodlands overlooking the River Thames. Even on a rainy day, the estate is beautiful. For more than 300 years Cliveden was home to dukes, earls, viscounts and for a while a prince. The manor house is now a hotel but the extensive grounds are a National Trust property open to … Keep reading
  • Cliveden’s glorious gardens
    Formerly home of the Astor family, the National Trust’s Cliveden has glorious gardens overlooking the Thames in Berkshire. In mid-April the daffodils and tulips are magnificent. Watch the video: The video was recorded on 19 April 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. Address: Cliveden Rd, Taplow, Maidenhead SL6 0JF. The formal gardens give way … Keep reading
  • Croft Castle – a 17th-century manor house
    Situated on the English-Welsh border near Leominster, Croft is a quiet, ancient place steeped in British history and politics with a picturesque castle and medieval parkland re-fashioned during the 18th century. Watch the video: This video of Croft Castle was recorded on Tuesday 7 March 2023 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. Below are some … Keep reading
  • Dyrham Park, a 17th-century house near Bath
    Dyrham Park is an early example of how a fortune made from the British empire was invested in a landed estate, transforming Dyrham into one of the most notable stately homes of its age. Dyrham Park is near Bath, South Gloucestershire. Watch the video: Recorded on 19 November 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. … Keep reading
  • Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
    The ancient ruins of Fountains Abbey have for centuries, drawn people to this inspiring place. From humble beginnings the magnificent abbey was established by devout monks seeking a simpler existence. The atmospheric ruins that remain are a window into a way of life which shaped the medieval world. Watch the video: When the socially ambitious … Keep reading
  • Greys Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire – the gardens in August
    We visited this National Trust property in August 2017. The Tudor-style house has a courtyard and gardens. This video features the large walled garden with its fortified tower built circa 1347. The walled garden is divided into separate areas featuring bedding plants, old-fashioned roses, shrubs, an area for ornamental fruit and vegetables and a maze … Keep reading
  • Ham House in Richmond – Candlelit Christmas
    The wonderful splendour of Ham House in Richmond lit by candles. The National Trust re-created the 17th-century Christmas atmosphere with candles and natural greenery filling the house over the festive season. Some stills from the video. Filmed 30 November 2019 with a DJI Osmo Pocket camera. Ham House is a 17th-century house set in formal … Keep reading
  • Hanbury Hall, a country retreat in Worcestershire
    The house and garden, originally a stage-set for summer parties, offer a glimpse into life at the turn of the 18th century. It is a William and Mary-style country house in the care of the National Trust. The wall paintings by Sir James Thornhill show the birth of Georgian society. The original formal gardens, designed … Keep reading
  • Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire
    The National Trust’s Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, is an Elizabethan country house created by Bess of Hardwick in the 1500s. The manson was built to impress, with some enormous rooms. They contain rich tapestries, fine furniture, imposing portraits and evidence that Bess was someone with money and power. Watch the video: The following stills are from … Keep reading
  • Hestercombe – 50 acres of quintessential Somerset gardens
    Spanning three centuries of garden design, Hestercombe Gardens offers a unique combination and varied experience of the Georgian Landscape Garden designed in the 1750s, the Victorian Shrubbery, and the Edwardian Formal Gardens, early 1900s. Hestercombe Gardens are near Taunton in Somerset. Watch the video: Recorded on 27 May 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. … Keep reading
  • Hidcote Manor Arts and Crafts Garden in July
    Hidcote Manor Garden is one of the best-known and most influential Arts and Crafts gardens in Britain, with its linked “garden rooms” of hedges, rare trees, shrubs, and herbaceous borders. It is a garden in the United Kingdom, located in the village of Hidcote Bartrim, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. It is a National Trust property. … Keep reading
  • Hughenden Manor – the walled garden in June
    Hughenden Manor was the country home to Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister. The walled garden was built in 1749. It is still productive with fruit trees, vegetable beds, and colourful flower borders. Today it is much more for pleasure than purpose. An ideal place to take a seat and soak up the serene … Keep reading
  • Kedleston Hall and Grounds
    Kedleston Hall is a neo-classical manor house, and seat of the Curzon family, located in Kedleston, Derbyshire, approx. 4 miles north-west of Derby. The current house was commissioned in 1759 by Nathaniel Curzon and designed by Robert Adam. The magnificent Marble Hall was completed in 1776. Watch the video: Recorded on 13 May 2022 with … Keep reading
  • Killerton House, National Trust property in Devon
    Killerton is an 18th-century house near Exeter in Devon. In 1944 it was given to the National Trust by British politician Sir Richard Acland. Sir Richard was was one of the founding members of the British Common Wealth Party. He was an advocate of public land ownership and he gave his Killerton and Holnicote estates … Keep reading
  • Kingston Lacy House and Gardens in Dorset – National Trust
    A lavish family home built to resemble an Italian Palace in the rural Dorset countryside near Wimborne Minster. It is in the care of the National Trust. The house has a large collection of interesting paintings and sculptures. The Japanese garden is worth a visit as is the extensive kitchen garden. Watch the video: Filmed … Keep reading
  • Lytes Cary, a medieval manor house in Somerset
    Lytes Cary is a manor house near Somerton in Somerset, England. It has parts dating to the 14th century, with other sections dating to the 15th, 16th, and 18th centuries. Originally the family home of Henry Lyte, it was then lovingly restored in the 20th century by Sir Walter Jenner. The property is owned by … Keep reading
  • Montacute House – a masterpiece of Elizabethan Renaissance architecture
    With its towering walls of glass, the glow of ham stone, and surrounding garden and parkland, it is a place of beauty and wonder. This masterpiece was completed in 1601. Built by skilled craftsman using local ham stone the house was a statement of wealth, ambition, and showmanship. It is a National Trust property in … Keep reading
  • Montacute House National Trust, Yeovil, Somerset
    Montacute house and village have often featured as locations for films. It was used as one of the locations for the BBC’s adaption of the novel Wolf Hall, in 2014. The fictional location for the Wallace and Gromit film ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’, Tottington Hall, was based on Montacute House. Watch the video: The … Keep reading
  • Mottisfont Christmas decorations 2017
    Mottisfont house, Romsey, Hampshire, was dressed for Christmas with statement trees, piles of presents, dramatic flower arrangements and handmade decorations crafted by talented National Trust volunteers. Each room had a different colour theme. The following stills are from the video. Camera: Sony RX100 V.
  • Nostell National Trust house and estate
    Nostell is a National Trust house and estate near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. This 18th-century architectural masterpiece with landscape park and gardens is shown in 60 clips in 60 seconds. Highlights are the kitchen garden with fruiting banana plants and a large lake with swans and geese. Watch the video: The following stills are from … Keep reading
  • Nuffield Place in Oxfordshire
    Nuffield Place in Oxfordshire, England was the home of William Morris, founder of the Morris Motor Company and at one time Britain’s richest self-made man. The National Trust property has been perfectly preserved as a 1930s “time capsule” since the industrialist’s death in 1963. Despite his great wealth, Lord Nuffield remained personally frugal and in … Keep reading
  • Oakhampton Castle – the remains of the largest castle in Devon
    Okehampton Castle was built between 1068 and 1086. It was converted into a sumptuous residence in the 14th century by Hugh Courtenay, Earl of Devon. After the last Courtenay owner fell foul of Henry VIII in 1539, the castle declined into ruin. Watch the video: This video of our visit to Okehampton Castle was recorded … Keep reading
  • Osterley Park Lakeside Reflections
    On a still November morning, the trees reflecting in the lake at Osterley Park create a scene reminiscent of an old master style landscape painting. Relax to the background music of C Major Prelude by Bach. Watch the video: Filmed at Osterley Park, Isleworth, on 27 November 2020 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera with … Keep reading
  • Polesden Lacey Estate
    Polesden Lacey is an Edwardian house and estate, located on the North Downs at Great Bookham, near Dorking, Surrey, England. It is owned and run by the National Trust and is one of the Trust’s most popular properties. Watch the video: The video was recorded on 10 May 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. … Keep reading
  • Polesden Lacey National Trust gardens in Surrey
    Polesden Lacey is an Edwardian house and estate, located on the North Downs at Great Bookham, near Dorking, Surrey, England. It is owned and run by the National Trust and is one of the Trust’s most popular properties. The gardens offer something for every season, including climbing roses which are at their best in June, … Keep reading
  • Shugborough Estate a stately home in Staffordshire
    The centerpiece of the Shugborough Estate is Shugborough Hall, parts of which date back to 1695. Further additions were made during the 18th and 19th centurys. There is an exhibition showing highlights from the lives of two previous residents; Thomas Anson who was a Member of Parliament and George Anson who was First Lord of … Keep reading
  • Stonehenge the world’s most sophisticated prehistoric stone circle
    Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, two miles west of Amesbury. It consists of an outer ring of vertical sarsen standing stones, each around 13 feet high, seven feet wide, and weighing around 25 tons, topped by connecting horizontal lintel stones. Watch the video: This video of our visit to … Keep reading
  • Stourhead – garden and lakeside walk
    Perhaps the most beautiful and magical of all of the great 18th-century landscape gardens. It is a living work of art with views that are like landscape painting brought to life. Stourhead is in the care of the National Trust. Some stills from the video. Filmed July 2019 with a DJI Osmo Pocket camera. See … Keep reading
  • Stowe Gardens Buckinghamshire
    The Stowe National Trust property in Buckinghamshire features gardening on the grandest scale. Picture-perfect views, winding paths, lakeside walks and temples create a timeless landscape, reflecting the changing seasons. Full of hidden meaning, the gardens were created as an earthly paradise and still cast their spell today. The following stills are from the video. Camera: … Keep reading
  • The North Gallery at Petworth House, West Sussex
    We explore the art treasures on display in the North Gallery at Petworth House. Among the sculptures and paintings, we also see the oldest English terrestrial globe in existence. There are major works by the likes of Titian, van Dyck, Reynolds, Blake, Gainsborough, and JMW Turner on display at Petworth, and many of these can … Keep reading
  • The Vyne roof project Christmas 2017
    The Vyne, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK, National Trust property. This was a chance to see this usually off-limits part of the Tudor mansion before 41 miles of scaffolding came down marking the end of a £5.4m roof project. Viewing points enabled visitors to get an insider’s view of the project as well as vistas of The … Keep reading
  • Tyntesfield National Trust house and gardens
    Tyntesfield is a Victorian Gothic Revival house near Bristol. The mansion was built in the 1830s. It was later bought by English businessman William Gibbs, whose huge fortune came from importing guano (bird droppings) used as fertilizer. In the 1860s Gibbs had the house expanded and remodelled. The architectural style selected for the rebuilding was … Keep reading
  • Waddesdon Manor Parterre & Rose Garden in June
    Waddesdon is famous for its carpet bedding and every spring and summer they change the design. During our visit, they were in the process of changing the beds on the Parterre and on either side of the South Fountain. In the rose garden work was going on to tidy up after the heavy rain the … Keep reading
  • Wimpole Estate – a host of golden daffodils
    This is a walking tour of the grounds at Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire, where we enjoy the swathes of bright daffodils. There are 85 different varieties of daffodils plus many other spring flowers to be seen. Watch the video: Wimpole is a National Trust property. The address is Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0BW … Keep reading

Public Gardens

  • Audley End gardens and falconry from horseback
    We stroll around the parterre garden with its colourful display of tulips and bedding plants. Beyond the garden are views of the parkland designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. We walk to the large walled Victorian kitchen garden and our visit ends with a display of falconry from horseback. Audley End in Saffron Walden, Essex, was … Keep reading
  • Aylett dahlia festival 2018 ablaze with colour
    We visit the field where the spectacular and famous dahlias are grown. The festival was 8th to 16th September 2018 at Aylett Garden Centre, North Orbital Rd, St Albans, Herts. There was row upon row of colourful dhalia plants in a large field. There was also a scarecrow competition in the Celebration Garden. Watch the … Keep reading
  • Aylett’s famous home-grown dahlia field 2023
    The video and photographs take you on a visit to the dahlia field at Aylett Nurseries in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Their dahlias have won over fifty Gold RHS medals over the past 60 years they have been growing them there. The dahlia field and celebration garden has become part of the National Garden Scheme, with … Keep reading
  • Benington Lordship Gardens – a fabulous display of snowdrops
    The snowdrops are carpeted around the remains of the Norman castle keep and surrounding moat at Benington Lordship. Also in bloom are hellebores, aconites, and winter flowering shrubs, as well as the coloured stems of acers, cornus, and willow around the ponds. The gardens are opened for snowdrop viewing every year in February. Benington Lordship … Keep reading
  • Bourton House Garden in Gloucestershire
    Bourton House Garden is in Bourton on the Hill, Gloucestershire. It features luxuriant terraces and wide herbaceous borders with stunning plant, texture, and colour combinations. There is a topiary walk, a White Garden, and several spring-fed water features including a raised basket pond from the Great Exhibition of 1851. The garden is open from Tuesday … Keep reading
  • Broughton Grange gardens
    The video and photographs take you on a tour of the beautiful gardens at Broughton Grange in Oxfordshire. They are set in over 400 acres of parkland overlooking a scenic valley. In the early 20th century and under the ownership of Lady Ottoline and Philip Morrell, figures such as Bertrand Russell and Lytton Strachey were … Keep reading
  • Burrow Farm Gardens, East Devon’s Secret Garden
    Burrow Farm Gardens is situated in the beautiful countryside between Axminster and Honiton. The 13-acre garden has colour throughout the year. At the time of our visit, there were spring flowers plus stunning Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Watch the video: Mary and John Benger moved to Burrow Farm in 1959. John built up a dairy herd … Keep reading
  • Cricket St Thomas gardens in May
    This classic country house hotel is set in splendid parkland, with colourful gardens, lakes, and a unique woodland area. During our visit the rhododendrons and wisteria where magnificent. Filmed on 15 May 2018 at Cricket St Thomas near Chard, Somerset, UK. The following stills are from the video. The Pillow Fight is a bronze statue … Keep reading
  • Kew – the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world
    The Temperate House at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, was recently restored at the cost of £41 million. It contains some of the rarest and most threatened species of plants on the planet. Following a major five-year renovation process, the Temperate House re-opened in 2018 to showcase the magnificence of the world’s temperate zones. … Keep reading
  • Kew Gardens – 10 Springtime attractions
    The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London offer a host of springtime attractions, even on a showery day like the one of our visit. My top ten Springtime attractions are the Rhododendron Dell, Baby Geese, the Palm House, the Waterlilly House, the Treetop Walkway, the Temperate House, the Great Pagoda, the Mediterranean Garden, the Princess of … Keep reading
  • Kew Gardens – the Princess of Wales Conservatory
    The fabulous Princess of Wales Conservatory replaced a group of 26 smaller buildings, including a fernery and a cactus house. Princess Diana opened the conservatory in 1987 but the glasshouse is actually named after Princess Augusta, mother of George III, who founded the Gardens in 1759. With a floor space of 4,500 square meters, the … Keep reading
  • Kew Gardens Rhododendron Dell
    Enjoy the rich colours and textures of the magnificent rhododendron at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Sir Joseph Hooker brought back many new specimens of rhododendron from his travels to the Himalaya in the mid-19th century. Today, 150 years later, dense clusters of rhododendrons flower in the dell, including unique hybrids not found elsewhere in the … Keep reading
  • Kew Gardens Treetop Walk
    We take a walk through the treetop canopy to discover magical views of Kew Gardens in London. The Treetop Walkway is 18 meters above the ground, giving a chance to get closer to Kew’s trees. It takes around 15 minutes to do the circuit of the walkway at a casual pace. It is reached by … Keep reading
  • Knebworth House gardens in June
    Knebworth House is an English country house in the parish of Knebworth in Hertfordshire, England. It is a Grade II listed building. Its gardens are also listed as Grade II on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. Watch the video: These chapter links will open the video on YouTube.00:00 Rose garden and house exterior.02:52 … Keep reading
  • Mapperton – Historic Houses Garden of the Year 2020
    We walk around the award-winning gardens at Mapperton, also voted ‘Nation’s Finest Manor House’ by Country Life. This hidden Dorset gem with outstanding countryside views has much to explore. The glorious Jacobean manor overlooks a large Italianate garden, with orangery, fountains, statues, herbaceous borders, bold topiary, and grottoes. The informal lower gardens have colourful shrubs … Keep reading
  • Newby Hall Gardens, North Yorkshire
    Newby Hall’s award-winning gardens, mostly created in the early 1920s, have evolved over the years into the garden we see today. Enjoy relaxing music as we stroll around the beautiful gardens. Newby Hall is near Ripon in North Yorkshire. Watch the video: Recorded on 16 June 2021 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. Most of … Keep reading
  • RHS Garden Wisley in September
    The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity and Wisley is one of the world’s great gardens. In September the flower beds and borders are a riot of colour and the dahlias are at their best. Watch the video: Recorded on 17 September 2021 with a DJI Pocket camera. Address: RHS Garden Wisley, … Keep reading
  • Theobalds Farmhouse Garden, Enfield at tulip time
    Garden Designer, Alison Green, has turned two acres of virgin land into a vibrant garden. In 1999 it was just rough grass, now the sloping south-facing garden is divided into different levels using yew hedging to create distinct garden rooms, each with its own dominant colour and style. Watch the video: Address: Enfield EN2 9BB … Keep reading
  • Trentham Estate lake and gardens at Stoke-on-Trent
    The Trentham Estate is an award-winning visitor attraction, welcoming over 3 million visitors a year. The estate includes a large lake with a passenger boat, Italian gardens and woodland walks. Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown worked on the landscape at Trentham around 1760. Watch the video: The following stills are from the above video. Camera: Sony RX100 … Keep reading
  • Ventnor Botanic Garden in October
    Ventnor Botanic Garden is in a remarkable microclimate at the heart of the famous Undercliff on the Isle of Wight. This unique garden is protected from the cold northerly winds by chalk downs. The Garden is unrivaled for its collections of subtropical plants grown unprotected out of doors. The address is Ventnor Botanic Garden, Undercliff … Keep reading
  • Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire
    The video and photographs take you on a tour of the 8 acres of beautifully landscaped ornamental gardens at Waterperry. They were made famous by Beatrix Havergal who established her School of Horticulture for Ladies here from 1932 to 1971. The gardens are evidence of Beatrix’ horticultural virtuosity, in particular the classical herbaceous border. The … Keep reading


  • Cortina d’ Ampezzo Italy – Black ski run # 64 Faloria
    Cortina d’Ampezzo is a ski resort in northern Italy. It is part of the Dolomiti Superski area. Black ski run 64 starts at the top of the Faloria side of Cortina. My GoPro Hero 6 camera was chest mounted. I tried to make long turns on the steep parts to give the viewer a smoother … Keep reading
  • Cortina d’ Ampezzo Italy – Blue ski run #38
    Cortina d’Ampezzo has been called Queen of the Dolomites. The small town is in the Northern Italian province of Belluno in the Veneto region. When it comes to skiing, this gem is hard to beat. Blue ski run 38 starts near the top of the Rumerlo Duca d’Aosta chair lift in Cortina. It finishes near … Keep reading
  • Cortina d’ Ampezzo Italy – Red ski run #60 Faloria
    The perfectly groomed slopes and the impressive mountain panorama in Cortina d’Ampezzo are breathtaking. Red ski run 60 starts near the restaurant Rifugio Faloria at the top of the Faloria cable car in Cortina. It finishes at the bottom of the Rio Gere chair lift. Watch the video to enjoy a virtual ski ride from … Keep reading
  • Obertauern – skiing with friends
    We were on blue runs 9d and 8a in Obertauern, Austria. The video was shot with a GoPro Max in 360 and converted to 2D using CyberLink PowerDirector 15. Picture in picture is used to show both sides of the camera. Some stills from the video. Filmed on 8 January 2020 with a GoPro Max … Keep reading
  • Obertauern Austria Ski Run Red 21b
    The ski resort Obertauern is located in the Lungau area of Austria, near Salzburg. There is 100 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding, with 26 ski lifts. The height of the winter sports area is between 1,630 and 2,313 meters. Watch the video in either 2D or 360-degrees: Recorded on 14 January 2022 … Keep reading
  • Obertauern, Austria – skiing the Grüne Tauernrunde
    The Grüne Tauernrunde (green Tauern round) makes a complete circuit of the Austrian ski resort of Obertauern. It takes the skier in an anticlockwise direction visiting 5 of the 7 highest points in the area, ultimately returning to the starting point. The skiing distance is approximately 14 kilometers plus 7 lift rides. Ski lifts and … Keep reading
  • Obertauern, Austria, 2024. Ski run blue 10a/8a
    We start on ski run blue 10a in Obertauern, Austria, near the top of the Kringsalm chair lift. We join blue 8a and finish near the Kirchbuhel drag lift. On the first two days of our holiday it snowed hard. For the rest of the week the snow conditions were fabulous. We even had a … Keep reading
  • Sölden, Austria – a ski trip to the glacier and back
    Our trip to the glacier starts at the top of the Giggijoch gondola in Sölden, Austria. We hop on the Silberbruennl chair lift that takes us to blue run 23. Then on the Einzeiger chair lift to connect with the Gletscherexpress gondola followed by the Schwarze Schneid II gondola. Then we go through the ski … Keep reading
  • St Christoph to Stuben, Austria, Skiing
    Our ski run starts at the top of the new Schindlergrat gondola, near St Christoph in the Arlberg area of Austria. We ski red 85, blue 100 and blue 102 to the village of Stuben. The distance is 5.7 kilometers. Some stills from the video. Filmed on 11 December 2019 with a chest-mounted GoPro Hero … Keep reading
  • St Johann in Tirol ski runs 1g and 5a
    St Johann in Tirol, Austria. The ski run 1g starts at the Harschbichlbahn middle station. It was filmed in February 2018. The following stills are from the video. Camera: GoPro Hero 6. Resolution 1080 – Linear view. Rendered with PowerDirector. Settings: MPEG-4 1920 x 1080/25p (16 Mbps).
  • St Johann in Tirol, Austria ski run 7a Black
    We ski run 7a black from top to bottom. My GoPro Hero 6 camera was chest mounted. I tried to make long turns on the steep parts to give the viewer a smoother experience. There are some long, streight sections where you can let your skis run to achieve a good speed. Watch the video: … Keep reading
  • St Johann in Tirol, Austria. Ski run 4a
    4a is my favorite red ski run in St Johann in Tirol, Austria. It starts at the top of the new Eichenhof chairlift. The video is slowed down by 50% to give the viewer a smoother experience. It was filmed on 5 February 2018. The following stills are from the video. Camera: GoPro Hero 6. … Keep reading
  • St Johann ski run 6b
    St Johann in Tirol, Austria. The blue ski run 6b starts near the foot of the Penzing chair lift. It follows a pretty tree lined track that opens out onto a wide meadow, ending at the Tauwiesen T-bar. The following stills are from the video. Camera: GoPro Hero 6.
  • St Johann, Austria. Skiing blue run 6
    We start on ski run blue 6 in St Johann in Tirol, Austria, from the top of the Bauernalm gondola. We join blue 12 on a tree lined track, then blue 5a, which takes us down to the Hochfeldalm restaurant. The resort did a fantastic job of keeping the ski runs open considering the lack … Keep reading
  • St Johann, Austria. Skiing blue runs
    We start on ski run blue 11 in St Johann in Tirol, Austria, at the Harschbichl gondola lift middle station. We join blue 6, then blue 6a, which takes us down to the Tauwiesen drag lift. We go up the drag lift and take blue 9 to the bottom of the Bauernalm gondola lift. The … Keep reading
  • St. Johann in Tirol ski run red 4a in 360 degrees
    Starting from top of the 6 SB Eichenhof chair lift we ski red 4a. This is my favourite piste in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria. The Grander Schuph restaurant at the end of the run is great for a refreshment stop. The 360 video allows you to choose the direction you want to view. If … Keep reading
  • St. Johann in Tirol ski runs blue 1g & red 5a in 360 degrees
    Starting from the Harscbichl middle station we ski runs 1g and 5a in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria. The tree-lined runs are shaded from the low morning sun which is glimpsed through the snow-covered trees. The 360 video allows you to choose the direction you want to view. If you are watching on a PC … Keep reading
  • St. Johann in Tirol, Austria, Skiing
    St. Johann lies in a valley basin between the mountain range of the Wilder Kaiser and a mountain called the Kitzbüheler Horn in the center of the district of Kitzbühel. The center of town is approximately 660 meters (2,165 ft) above sea level. These five videos were recorded on 9 February 2022 with a GoPro … Keep reading
  • The hidden valley at Alta Badia, Dolomites, Italy
    An unforgettable ski run starting at the top of the Lagazoli cablecar (2,275m). It is a stunning descent through awe-inspiring scenery overlooking the Fanes valley. At 8km in length you descend over 1km in altitude. This run has been officially classified as red but can be attempted by intermediate skiers. Highlights include a frozen waterfall … Keep reading

Trains & Aircraft

  • Bressingham Garden Railway Steam Train Ride
    The Garden Railway operates from the Dell Garden and the coach park at Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk. Its track runs alongside the perimeter of the gardens and has a gauge of 10.24 inches. Designed and built by Bressingham’s own engineering team, the line’s new locomotive was named Alan Bloom and pulls up to sixty people … Keep reading
  • Flight TOM 4646 landing at Salzburg Airport, Austria
    TOM 4646 is an international flight departing from Gatwick, London airport, United Kingdom (LGW) and arriving at Salzburg airport, Austria (SZG). The aircraft is a Boeing 737. Watch the video: Recorded on 8 January 2022 with a DJI Pocket 2 camera. Salzburg Airport, branded as Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart, is Austria’s second largest airport. … Keep reading
  • Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway
    We visit a volunteer operated heritage railway in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire offering a round trip of 28 miles. It uses part of the route of the former Great Western Railway’s main line from Birmingham to Cheltenham which used to run via Stratford-upon-Avon. It now operates steam and heritage diesel trains between Cheltenham Racecourse and Broadway … Keep reading
  • Royal Air Force Museum London
    The Royal Air Force Museum London is located on the former Hendon Aerodrome, in North London’s Borough of Barnet. It includes five buildings and hangars showing the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force. Watch the video: This video of our visit to the Royal Air Force Museum London was recorded on Thursday 20 … Keep reading
  • Snowdon – to the summit by rail
    Our rail journey to the summit of the highest mountain in Wales begins at Llanberis station. As our train climbs towards the 1085 meter summit we pass two steam trains and a diesel train going down. At the top, we get 30 minutes to enjoy refreshments at the station cafe and admire the spectacular panoramic … Keep reading
  • West Somerset Railway – Bishops Lydeard to Dunster by Steam train
    West Somerset Railway is an independent heritage railway that recreates a country branch line in the age of steam. It runs 20 miles from the seaside resort of Minehead to the village of Bishops Lydeard near Taunton, with 8 other stations in between. The WSR first opened in 1862 as far as Watchet, it was … Keep reading
  • Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset
    The museum comprises four large halls. Each hall has a ground floor and upper levels telling the stories of naval aviation from the first manned kites towed behind naval vessels, to helium-filled airships, seaplanes, bi-planes, and the carrier-borne aircraft of WW2 and modern Sea Harriers and helicopters. Watch the video: Recorded on 18 November 2021 … Keep reading